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In the rapidly evolving landscape of Swiss digital banking, the challenges faced by financial institutions in delivering a custom wealth banking app are numerous and intricate. The demand for a unified solution that enhances customer experience and optimizes operational efficiency has never been greater. Therefore, the integration of Temenos Infinity emerges as a game-changing solution to provide exceptional banking services.

This webinar delves into the unparalleled benefits of incorporating Temenos Infinity into your wealth banking app. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology with an intuitive user interface, this integration elevates the customer experience to unprecedented heights:

  •  Insights into Seamless Customer Journeys: Discover how Temenos Infinity redefines the way customers interact with your wealth banking app, fostering loyalty and engagement.
  •  Operational Efficiency Redefined: Learn how streamlined operations powered by Temenos Infinity lead to cost savings, faster processes, and improved resource allocation.
  •  Strategies for Effective Integrations: Gain strategic knowledge on implementing APIs and custom integrations with third-party providers, ensuring a holistic and agile approach to your digital transformation.

Our Speakers

Vish OneAston

Visveswar (Vish) Heejebu

Head of Services and Delivery


Paul C Temenos

Paul Camilleri

ASM Western Europe